Academic Speakers

A B M Shawkat Ali
Professor, Department of Computer Science and Mathematics, University of Fiji, Fiji
Allen Man Ho Au
Professor, Department of Computing, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
Naipeng Dong
Lecturer, School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, University of Queensland, Australia
Muhammed Esgin
Lecturer, Department of Software Systems and Cybersecurity, Monash University, Australia
Vincent Gramoli
Associate Professor, School of Computer Science, University of Sydney, Australia
Weiping He
Lecturer, Faculty of Law, Monash University, Australia
Sarah Pink
Professor, Department of Design and Department of Human Centred Computing, Monash University, Australia
Vidy Potdar
Associate Professor, School of Management and Marketing, Curtin University, Australia
Sushmita Ruj
Senior Lecturer, School of Computer Science and Engineering, UNSW Sydney, Australia
Dimitrios Salampasis
Senior Lecturer, School of Business, Law and Entrepreneurship, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia
Ron Steinfeld
Associate Professor, Department of Software Systems and Cybersecurity, Monash University, Australia

Industry Speakers

Jing Chen
Chief Scientist and Head of Theory Research, Algorand, US
Karen Cohen
Founder, AlgoHUB, Australia
Katrina Donaghy
CEO and Co-Founder, Civic Ledger, Australia
Cindy He
Industry and Innovation Analyst, ANZ, Australia
Warwick Powell
Chairman, Smart Trade Networks, Australia
Tom Wainwright
System Lead, Sustainable Corporates Climateworks Centre, Australia
Karin Wan
Co-founder and Executive Director, Guru Online, Hong Kong
Vivian Wang
Chief Operating Officer, Chaining Innovation, Australia

Student Speakers

Zoey Li
Monash University, Australia
Xianrui Qin
University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Zhimei Sui
Monash University, Australia
Zhiyuan Sun
Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

The order of speakers is sorted according to their last name alphabetically.

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